AROMA Joe’s Coffee

Aroma Joe’s

Mansfield, MA

Retail Construction

Seeking to expand their operation, Aroma Joe’s – a New England based coffee shop – approached First Peak Construction due to our experience on similar renovations for retail clients. Working closely alongside the franchisee, First Peak completed a custom interior fit-out of a 1,500 square foot space in just three months. First Peak took on the responsibility of managing the entire design-build delivery of this project, collaborating with the architect and engineers to incorporate Aroma Joe’s branding, design requirements, and construction specifications into the project. 

Our team executed interior wall framing, installed all necessary mechanical, electrical, and plumbing infrastructure specific to Aroma Joe’s requirements. With a keen eye for detail, First Peak Construction ensured that electrical and plumbing rough-ins were precisely located to facilitate the final connection of specialized food and beverage equipment, such as espresso machines, coffee makers, dishwashers, refrigerators, and ovens.