JT Automation
Windsor, CT
Manufacturing Facility and Office Expansion

JT Automation, a leading provider of custom laser systems, needed to expand their lab and manufacturing spaces to meet increased production needs. First Peak Construction efficiently managed the construction of the facility expansion, reconfiguring existing areas to accommodate the new operational requirements to meet the demands. The additional space provides JT Automation with the flexibility to effectively develop and test their cutting-edge laser technologies.

Relying heavily on speciality gas systems to test their laser manufacturing systems, JT Automation tapped into First Peak Construction’s expertise in pipe installation. First Peak installed argon and nitrogen gas piping through the facility, ensuring a safe and efficient supply of gas distribution to the workstations that are critical to the manufacturing process.

Understanding the importance of a functional and aesthetically pleasing office environment, First Peak Construction designed and constructed an office suite that met the needs of their growing team. First Peak’s construction team created a comfortable and professional workspace for JT Automation by pouring over each and every detail, from the selection of flooring and lighting to the installation of electrical and HVAC systems.