Jump Start Preschool
Agawam, MA

Commercial Restoration

Jump Start Preschool was forced to temporarily relocate following a fire at their Agawam, Massachusetts facility. With the goal of reopening the program in time for the new year, they turned to First Peak Construction to restore the 3,000 square foot facility. 

The fire caused extensive damage, necessitating a complete interior gutting of the school down to the studs and core framing of the structure. First Peak Construction carried out this process, removing materials and preparing a clean canvas for the renovation. New underground plumbing was installed to accommodate additional bathrooms. Additional exterior windows were added to enhance natural light and create a welcoming environment. New classrooms were incorporated, ensuring that the space was functional and conducive to learning. To maximize comfort, brand new energy-efficient heating and cooling systems were installed, allowing for optimal temperature control.

Recognizing the critical importance of the project schedule, First Peak Construction worked diligently to complete the restoration in time for the preschool to reclaim their space and reopen their doors in just eight weeks.