Roberts energy

Roberts Energy – Springfield, MA

Roberts Energy, a leading fuel supplier in the New England market, has seen significant growth necessitating the repurposing of existing space at their Springfield, MA location to accommodate their expanding team. Recognizing this need, they engaged our team to initiate the design process for this space transformation.

The project’s scope was comprehensive, aiming to convert previously unused space into a Grade A office environment. This involved a range of tasks, including demolition of existing structures, creating new masonry openings for windows to enhance natural lighting, interior framing for optimized space utilization, installation of new mechanical systems for comfort and efficiency, upgrading electrical infrastructure to support modern office equipment, and integrating new plumbing fixtures for improved functionality.

Throughout the project, our collaborative efforts with Roberts Energy’s team ensured that the design and execution aligned seamlessly with their operational needs and growth trajectory. The result is a tailored office space that not only meets but exceeds the standards expected of a Grade A office environment, providing a conducive and modern workspace for their expanding team.