Universal Health Care

Universal Health Care

Middletown, CT

Office Fit-Out

Having downsized following Covid-19, Universal Health Care sought a fresh environment for their new office space that reflected their personality, aligned with their corporate identity, and addressed their specific requirements. 

One of the primary challenges to overcome on this project was the absence of exterior windows in the space. Understanding the importance of natural light for a pleasant work atmosphere, First Peak Construction devised a creative solution to transform the 20-year old office building. Custom windows were installed, equipped with a light switch that could simulate the effect of natural light. This innovative feature not only brightened up the interior but also provided the occupants with the feeling of openness and connection to the outdoors.

Another important aspect of the renovation was the installation of recessed lighting. To avoid any disruption to the existing ceiling, a soffit was framed to seamlessly integrate the recessed lighting and ensure a clean and contemporary look. This method allowed for the installation of modern lighting fixtures while maintaining the integrity of the building’s original ceiling design.

While modernizing the space, First Peak Construction also paid attention to incorporating traditional finishes to add warmth and sophistication. Wooden baseboards and oak French doors were installed in the conference rooms, providing a contrast to the modern elements. These traditional finishes not only added aesthetic value but also contributed to a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for important meetings and gatherings.